Sunday, September 13, 2009

This n That #7

I'm getting ready to go to Philadelphia to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza,and I can't wait!
So much to do before then!
I'm planning to redesign my main website soon, so that should be completed by the end of the month.
I have a Halloween costume to plan, and I'm expecting this to take up a good chunk of September and October's sewing time.
My sister and I attended the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago this past weekend, and we both got come crafty mojo. Not many booths selling what we are looking for however.... Sublime Stitching, her favorite, was not there. There were barely any quilts. I did see some bloggers that I follow, like The Small Object, Foundling, and 16 Sparrows. I thought the show was way too heavy on silkscreened t-shirts. In all, it was a good craft show. I bought a fair amount of cool stuff.
I've been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and my new medication has not leveled out yet, so I have the typical fatigue associated with the disease. I can't wait to get my energy back. Judy Coates Perez has the same thing and recently discussed this on her blog. I may think about switching from synthetic thyroid hormone to natural if I can't get these levels to normalize soon.
Football season has started, and so has the fall tv seasons. So much to watch and so little time to do it!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Quilt Series- A rabbit jumps over the moon

Where we westerners see a "man in the moon", the Japanese see a rabbit in the moon. The rabbit and moon together is a popular theme. My usagi (rabbit) is jumping into the moon for the night.

I absolutely love this background fabric by Lakehouse Designs. I wish I had more than the little fat quarter I have of it (or what is left of it). When I put the moon on the background, there was a design problem. You could see the flowers "through" the moon, and they were very distracting. I quilted over them quite a bit, and it still didn't "knock them back" (as Pokey Bolton says). So, even though the piece was quilted and bound, newly confident via Judy Coates Perez and my recent class with her, I dragged out the Setacolor black paint, and painted over the flowers. The "cool" thing was that Lakehouse outlined the flower with a thin shimmery rim and metallic gold, which the paint didn't really cover. In the end it was so much better for having "shadow flowers" inside the moon. I really like the new piece. This month's theme has been fun so far.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting back to normal

I know I have been away for a bit. I know I said I would run a giveaway last week, but life intervened. I've been dealing with a family crisis for a couple of weeks now, both in a "hands-on, getting things taken care of" way, and a "why can't I think about anything else" kind of way.
I did take some time to go to Judy Coates Perez's wonderful Fiesta Ornaments class this past weekend, and it was great fun. You can read about it on both Judy's blog, and my friend Catherine's blog too. I really like taking classes with my friends, and Judy is a great teacher.

I plan to run the giveaway next week, just in time for the holiday spirit, of which I could use some. The tree is up, but not decorated other than lights, and I don't have much energy to get it done.

Tonight I spent hours winding a box full of tangled embroidery threads onto floss card bobbins... Just could not do much else that required thinking. I also spent an hour cleaning my studio, which has not really recovered from the weekend class supply "grab" and coming back from Baltimore. I did finally remove the suitcase out of the room... Shows how behind I am on everything.

For something quilty, the above is a custom Spencerian script that was made of my name and turned into a rubber stamp. It was made by Victorian Trading Co., whom I love and have been using to slowly decorate my front "parlor". I plan to use the stamp on the labels of my quilts using permanent stamp pad ink.

My next few posts will show all the STUFF I have made lately, I think you'll like it.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday night is Guild Night!

I love guild night. I can't wait to see my quilt-y friends, and we all get to show off what we have been doing. December's meeting means that there will be showing of gifts for others before they get wrapped up and sent away.

Well, that was before the weather intervened... I ended up running the meeting (I'm Vice President), and we had fewer folks turn out than usual. However, our speaker was fantastic! We had Judy Coates Perez as our special guest and she had a very nice presentation on how she makes her painted quilts. One of the perks of Chicago area living is the cool Chicago quilt artists! (Of which, I hope I am included one day) Both Judy and Robbi Eklow had the snowiest nights to come to our guild meeting, so I am wondering if local artists have some kind of "winter mojo".

Here's a picture of Judy and I after her talk. I can't wait to take her Fiesta Ornaments class this weekend. That's "Primordial Sea" in the background, it's beautiful, and all painted on silk!
I'll post my show and tell later this evening, I hope. I didn't post this picture last night because I had to shovel the driveway after closing up the meeting. A late night, but so worth it!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Online Art Studying

I am extremely fortunate to be in Judy Coates Perez's new online Color Theory class. I won't show you the whole exercise so as to preserve what I paid for and to not give Judy's work away, but I am having a buch of fun learning. It's my first online art class.
I am also in a group studying the chapters from the
Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston. I finished my chapter 1 exercises a bit late, but they will have to do.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grow a Pear

This pear was entirely painted. I drew a funny pear with a face on it for a swap at my favorite ATC trading site a few weeks ago. I decided to do an all painted quilt for this week's work.
ALA Judy Perez! The pear is tsukineko inks, and the background is Jaquard Lumiere paint. So cute!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

International Quilt Festival Chicago -Day 2

Driving in to the show this morning was tough, because last night seemed so very very late.
My first class of the day was about making Quilting a business, which I took as an exploration, possibly to sell my quilts eventually, but aslo to explore some ideas on reaching quilters on the internet, and some web tools our industry is missing that I know of from the comic book industry (like show floor blogging and interviews... maybe next year). Morna Golletz was our teacher in this class and I learned a great deal.
Next, the show floor... again a glutton for punishment. However, the vendors area was PACKED. On Friday. And just at about noon! So about 10 steps into the show I meet up with new friends from my Riverwalk Guild. We decide to eat lunch. Yum!
Fueled for the afternoon, I spend a good bit of time in the vendors area again as best as I can manage, often getting bumped and pushed and elbowed. While I love the vendors area, I also hate it. Tomorrow will be a good example of why, and I will take photos.
I stopped at the Quilting Arts booth area to see the artists in "residence" doing on floor demos of various techniques. I spoke again with Judy Coates Perez, whos is so very nice, and chatted a bit about her painted works. I also spoke with Kelli Perkins, who was so kind to explain her work and was so inspiring also. I also chatted with Pokey Bolton again about the embellishing machine she was demo-ing. And I saw a paint on fabric technique by Julaine Lofquist-Birch which used dried on shaving cream.
I shopped the next couple of hours and No, I still haven't walked the whole vendor area yet. I started at lane 900, and ended at lane 1400. Tomorrow and Sunday I will do the rest. Tomorrow will be mostly quilts, after my show. At this point, I am being bumped so often, I cannot stand it any more. I buy those thirsty towels on an impulse. I walk past Alex Anderson, whose line has died down. I briefly consider going back to tell her how much I love her podcasts.
Now, I scheduled classes back in January as soon as the classes opened. I did not know that the Friday night class I took would interfere with the Tiara Parade and QuiltArt Reception. Oh noes! Class starts at 6pm, reception at 5pm.
So I decide to go to the reception for an hour. I even made a tiara. In the food line, I finally MEET Bonnie McCaffery, tell her how I missed her yesterday, and she is a lovely person. I also meet Virginia Spiegel! She is also lovely. I met lots of QuiltArt list "readers" and "contributors" and I am so sorry if I can't remember all of your names right now. But the one I enjoy immensely is speaking with Karey Bresenhan. I told her how much fun I was having at the show and thanked her so very much for holding the reception. I saw so many other quilters I would have loved to say hello to. Sadly, before the tiara parade, I had to leave for my class, as I did not want to upset my teacher by barging in late. So I left, but before I did, I had one quick photo taken of me as proof.
My class was by Tricia Spitzmueller on Tyvek manipulation. This was a fun class, and it was again very good to sit down. Here are my class projects!
Thus the long rainy drive back home and looking forward to another class and more show on Day 3!!

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