Thursday, October 23, 2008

A graphic update!

OOO! Pretty pictures!

On the way back from a work trip, I saw this neat pumpkin patch. Fall is finally here.

The troublesome trio were at it again when Catherine (center) was speaking at the Wheaton IL guild. Steph (left) invited me along, and we had a blast. We also decided to take a class together at the Mancuso Quilt show next month.

My guild, the Riverwalk Quilters Guild, had their annual small quilt auction so I made this altered spoon, and attached it to a quilted background. The spoon was inspired by directions in a recent Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine article written by Kelli Perkins. I wanted to try this and also wanted to figure out attaching the spoons to quilts for a project I am making for my house.

I also made this small 6 by 18 inch wall hanging, that the DH loved and didn't want me to give away. I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to the guild, so this picture is taken on the hood of my car.

Speaking of Kelli Perkins, she recently did a giveaway on her blog of supplies from her studio, and I tossed my hat in the ring. I got this package today.

Here is what was in it! My cat, Lillith, is modeling some of the lovely bits of ephemera and yarns and buttons and other amazing stuff Kelli sent me. Thanks Kelli!

Lastly, I went back to this for the first time in over a year today. I'm back on the wagon!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day for Poverty

I have never been impoverished. Sure, I felt that there were times where I didn't know where money would materialize from to keep myself going, but I always made it through. I never had a utility shut off or been evicted. I haven't gone hungry because I had no food. At one time, my husband and I were living so close to the edge of ruin that I called a hot line for Public Aid. Because I worked, I was told I did not qualify, even though my paychecks were clearly not enough. I had rented an apartment, so I had a roof over my head, I did not qualify for help with that either, even though I could barely afford it. I guess I should have felt lucky enough to do that. I guess there were folks worse off than me. But at the time I remember being so angry that I paid into these plans and could not get help. We changed the way we looked at money and now we're doing ok, but it took years to get to this.

But I am dealing with this very situation right now with a family member. It's the hardest thing to watch, while I sit comfy and warm in my own home. While I throw away more food than this family member can purchase, I feel boatloads of guilt. I frivolously spend on ridiculous things I don't need, and this person is months behind on bills.

I'm sitting by and watching, and lately, getting more and more involved. My other family members don't understand. But other than sending my hard earned money, what can be done?
It's really sad and hurtful.

To bring this all somehow back to crafting and quilting, with the economy being what it is now, everyone is going back to "thrifty crafting" and looking back at depression era fiber art. Not only were quilts made of old sheets, clothes, or whatever you had on hand, but EVERY scrap was saved and used. In particular, the Yo Yo. (or as Project Runway's Angela Kessler would say: Granny Circles) What posessed anyone to make items out of hundreds or even thousands of yo-yo's is beyond me, but they are addictive. I have been saving any usable scraps of fabric big enough for a yo-yo, and making flower bouquets out of them. Cute, and fun, and fast. And certainly thrifty.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Monsters! and a crafty weekend

Check out all of the work I did in one weekend! Whoa!
First off, October's weekly theme is "Monsters" of the cute and evil varitety... I made about 6 sketches, and will work from those. The sketches are about an inch high, and I was surprised that the monster translated well into the larger format.
Next are some thread jellyfish for a swap on
Last, a table runner for Halloween that has been quilted for ages, but never bound...
Lest you think all I do is quilt, here is a "candy corn" hat I crocheted. I did this in one evening watching tv...

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

September Family Collages - #4

I traveled so much in September I barely had time at home, much less time to post these lovelies. I knew I would be on the road a lot, so I prequilted the backgrounds, and took along the baggie of things to attach to them in the collage style. I was the perfect hand project to take with me on my travels and I would consider this again for that reason. The fabrics all came from a fat eighth pack of Fossil Ferns all matched in these muted colors, and it was the perfect pallatte for the theme. Additionally, the photos were all fused onto the colored prints, for a texture and added "sepia" effect.
This particular quilt is all about the wedding I can't find a record for. My grandmother never celebrated her wedding anniversary, and no one seems to recall when it was. Neither grandma or grandpa are with us any more to tell us. When doing research on this, you have to know where and when in order to get a copy of the record. How silly that I can find a record of a wedding in the 1700's, but not from the 1940's. It's like a big secret I'm not supposed to know.
I ran out of the little burgundy trim, which was supposed to go all the way around the quilt, not just the word "secrets". The edge feels a bit unfinished in that I had nothing to really match or go with it in my travel baggie. The big key is from some big junk box from my mom's old house, and the mini keys are to all of my diaries I kept as a kid. I feel that the border still needs something to darken it up, but I don't want an oppressive color either...

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September Family Collages - #3

Here is more of the September weekly quilt project that I did not post due to traveling for work.
This piece has a lovely pair of photographs of my great grandparents, and their children. While shopping in the Antique Center in Savage Mill in Maryland, I live to stop at a booth called the Treasure Trove. They have all manner of antique linens and lace, and this lace was bought from them. It's Belgian handmade bobbin lace. The piece was the perfect size. The buttons are partly from my friend Amy's stash, and supplemented with some from The Queen's Ink. The little baggie of buttons was $2. The lace was $4 or so, which is not bad! It included the littel purple button in the center, so I included it on the piece.

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September Family Collages - #2

I did do my weekly quilt project for the month of Spetember, just did not post them due to traveling. Here is week 2:
This quilt represents my 3 grandfathers who were in WWII. (My grandmother on my mother's side remarried.) On each of the photos was written a little note, which I turned into applique-ed phrases. I beaded and trimmed the piece but had little else to put on it until I went to the Queen's Ink in Maryland, and found a pack of gears by Tim Holtz's Idea-ology line, called Sprocket Gears. It was just the righ "manly" touch for the work, and could be easily sewn on.

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September Family Collages- #1

I did do my weekly quilt project throughout September, I just had no time to update them due to traveling. Here is the first quilt:

This particular one is centered around a lovely photo of my grandfather's sisters on the one's wedding day, and a piece of antique filet crochet. I traded online for the actual sixpence, which brides are to put in their shoe on their wedding day. Seed beads, an actual pearl, some trim ribbon help make up the piece.

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