Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Adventures in Vintage Advertising

In one more week, I will have made weekly quilts on time for half a year. That's pretty good, given all that is going on. This week, I was working with vintage advertising. This was not how I wanted these ladies to turn out. I wanted to use an image transfer technique that was more arty, using gel mediums and photo paper, but all experiments failed. They weren't cheap either. So I resorted to fabric paper made to go through the printer to achieve the result above and below. My weekly quilt is based on an ad from the 1920's for a beauty shop! What a beautiful lady, isn't she? She's so glow-y and ethereal.
The bottom lady here is based on an ad from the 1940's for Ivory Soap. Now, I have hundreds of these ads, and my favorite are the "Psycho" crazy looking ones. This lady looks just so.... ODD. The best of them are these beauty ads, where the ladies in them look conniving and evil. I love them. And I love making up the phrases they look like they should be saying. I will master this image transfer technique and try some more psycho ladies out. This is a journal page for a fellow artist on ATCards.com.
We close on the house tomorrow. After that, the work on the quilt studio begins!

Monday, June 18, 2007

One of my favorite songs on Red Hot + Blue is "Too Darn Hot". And that's what it was... HOT!
After going to many a home decorating and improvement store for ideas on the new house, we came home to a sweltering office, and it was too hot to think about dragging out fabric and firing up the sewing machine. DH said I should sew downstairs....Duh! Much better. And the dining room table was very stable to sew on.

The quilt itself is "stolen" from Ethan Allen, except I have these funky cool deco fabrics that I made my yo-yos out of. I also used the new "yo-yo" maker by Clover, snagged at the recent International Quilt Festival in Chicago. Very fun, easy to use, and FAST! These 9 yo-yos took less than a half hour.

I love yo-yos. I make lots of flowers from yo-yos and think they are "whimsical". But Angela from Project Runway ruined the modern yo-yo, by slapping it all over her designs. Oh, and she called them "fleurchons". WTF? No really! WTF? Did she make them in the same color as the fabric, basically hiding them as a dimensional detail? no. She did not. No sir. I'm all for having a signature item to set yourself apart, like Uli did with braided fabric, but the yo-yo looked tacky on couture. Quilters everywhere were hoping that she could make it with the big designers, a "crafter" gone big time. Quilts were everywhere in her designs. Including the yo-yo. They could have had a tasteful comeback, and now they're relegated back to 1930's replica quilts and the bubblegum pink and green retro fad. So enjoy my "fleurchon" weekly quilt.

The new sewing room is my new fantasy... I dream of all the bins, tables, storage and display possibilities I can have. I'm also looking forward to blogging the process, and more of my daily works too. Everything will free up once the house is signed for. I can't wait!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long time, no posts

We have been so busy!

First off, I have not missed any weeks in my weekly project.

Here is week 19.

My scanner is in storage, so these had to be taken outside. The designs are simple because my sewing space is extremely limited and I have limited supplies at my parent's house.

Week 20

Thanks to my Firday and Saturday night sampler classes, this is based on the "Chicago School of Fusing" style.

Week 21

A simple shape cutting and moving exercise. DH says there was not enough red in the weekly quilts series.

Week 21

This was made during our trip to Hawaii. (you have been watching my ticker on the bottom of the page, right?) I appliqued, quilted, and bound it at our resort in Hawaii.

Week 22

Bad photo for a simple quilt. I joined a mail art swap on atcards.com to swap "inchies", which are (you guessed it) art pieces 1"x1". The theme was "red", and I made an extra one for myself and incorporated it into this piece.

On the house front, we're hopefully underway on a 4 bedroom home. I will get a studio for my quilts. I'm very excited.
I have been amazed how I have been able to keep up, but they keep me sane. I can't wait to design a studio for making fiber art, and finally looking for a new guild to join.